Yuko KURAMATSU , Japanese of origin, has been passionate about manual work since childhood. His mother showed him ceramics from different regions on each trip, which made her to want to not only contemplate, but to lend a hand.

After few experiments, in 2012, Dany SOURIAU entered in his life, opening the door to the clay path. So the wheels started to spin and a little ceramicist woke up in Yuko. By continuing to exercise in her workshop, as a trainee in professional training, she learned the basics, discovered and experimented with different techniques, particularly passionate about turning.

It was during this learning phase that she felt more and more attracted by porcelain and in particular with the technique called neriage : a work on the mixture of colored clays. Subsequently she discovered the work of Eiji MUROFUSHI , Mika SATO and their workshop. So she started making porcelain pieces in nerikomi.
It was during this period, thanks to Dany, that she got to know Florence BEUDIN LESAINT . And since then, these three ceramists meet on a regular basis to exchange their know-how.

In spring 2016, Mr. MUROFUSHI received her for an intensive private internship and she was able to meet Ms. SATO, and since then she continues to see them.

2017 July / August - Exhibition of the Young European Ceramics - selected.

2017 December - 2017 Nantes craft fair - 1st prize Banque Populaire Atlantique competition