Nerikomi charms

Happy New Year 2022 ^_^

Et Happy Epiphanie ^_^

Oh, Elina's bakehouse! We have the chance to enjoy his cakes, his breads. And its "galettes des rois" (cake eaten during Twelth Nightd), its brioches and pralines, we are privileged to be able to taste them every year.

As a local ceramist who unconditionally loves Elina and also has a very strong attachment to her city Poitiers and its region, I had the audacity to offer artisanal and original charms, playful and touching, that we had never seen before, and that do not exist anywhere else. I am very honored and proud of this 2nd successful collaboration with Elina, after the exhibition "Fèves, Fèves, Fèves" in January 2019 ^_^

I made a catalog with explanations of all the patterns, I invite you to consult the PDF here: Catalog and explanation of Japanese motifs ^_^